How Much Money Can You Make as a Hypnotherapist?

The College of Professional Hypnotherapy cannot and will not guarantee how much money you will make as a hypnotherapist. Your success is completely dependent upon you! What we will say, is that when you take our Ultimate Success Business Program you will know exactly how to make great money as a hypnotherapist while spending very little money on marketing. In the Ultimate Success Business Program we teach you a proven success system where you will learn how to identify your ideal target market, market effectively to them, and close the sale! PLUS… you will rid yourself of any fears that you may have around public speaking and promoting yourself!

Most entrepreneurs (aka ‘small business owners’, aka ‘self-employed’) have what we call a ‘JOB Mentality’. What this means is that most people who are self-employed used to be employees. They are contitioned to show up for work, do what they’re told, and then cash their pay-cheque twice a month. This ‘JOB Mentality’ equals security but not freedom nor fulfillment.

Many employees find that working at a job makes them feel sick! They dis-like their career which also means they aren’t fully living nor enjoying the rest of their lives as best they can.

A lot of employees secretly have a deep down desire to help others, to live free, to be their own boss and to control their own work schedule. Most people who transition from employee to self-employed STILL have the ‘JOB Mentality’. They think they can just open up a business, put up a sign, place an ad in a local magazine, and the customers will come flooding in. For some entrepreneurs this may work, but for most it will not.

Most hypnotherapists go into business for themselves and are therefore no longer employees which means they must also change their mindset. The ‘JOB Mentality’ does not work for entrepreneurs.

Hypnotehrapists who are in business for themselves can EARN WAY MORE MONEY!


The average rate for hypnotherapy services is $125 per session. Sessions can range from one to two hours. Most clients will book for an average of six sessions. This means that most clients will pay you $750 and you only have to work between 6 – 12 hours. You could make more in one hour than most people make in a entire day.

Are you wondering who would pay that kind of money for hypnosis???


The answer is NOBODY. Nobody pays for hypnosis, they pay for the results they are getting from hypnosis. This is just a brief example of the kinds of things you will learn in our Ultimate Success Business Program. (We’re giving you Success Tip #29 for FREE right here!) Just think of all the people who are in chronic pain. Hypnosis can completely eliminate pain in a safe, non-invasive way. Do you think $750 is a lot of money to people who have tried everything to alleviate their pain with little to no results? Not for most people, in fact they’d likely pay more! Plus… because you must have a doctor’s referral to work with medically related issues that means their doctor is going to LOVE YOU! Doctors can’t keep up with the demand and they don’t have all the solutions! So many doctors would love to have a qualified hypnotherapist that they believe in and trust and that they can refer their patients to.


Let me ask you a question… “What percentage of your time do you think an entrepreneur should spend on marketing?”

If you answered 60% of an entrepreneurs time should be spent on marketing… then you got it right! (We’re giving you Success Tip #36 for FREE again!) You will learn how do to effective marketing while maintaining a balanced life in our Start Your Hypnotherapy Business program. Think of all the people who are terrified of going to the dentist. Hypnosis can completely eliminate all fears and phobias. Do you think $750 is a lot of money to people who are in severe need of dental work but too afraid to go? Not for most people, in fact they too would likely pay more!

Think of all the people who are desperately trying to lose weight. Hypnosis can help people lose weight without dieting and without excessive exercising. Do you think $750 is a lot of money to people who have already spent thousands of dollars trying every other possible way? Definitely not for these people, in fact they too would likely pay WAY more! Let me ask you another question… “How much money do you think is spent each year on trying to lose weight?” Let me answer by saying that on October 16-17, 1997, representatives from academia, government, the weight loss industry, and consumer advocacy groups met in Washington, D.C. for a conference — “Commercial Weight Loss Products and Programs — What Consumers Stand to Gain and Lose.” They stated that over one third of the population is overweight and as such obesity has become an epidemic. They also reported that in 1997 consumers spent $33 billion per year trying to lose weight or to prevent weight gain. That number has increased significantaly to-date and people are in real need of HEALTHY, PERMANENT SOLUTIONS! Was your guess of how much money is spent on weight loss each year anywhere close??? (We’re giving you Success Tip #42 for FREE yet again and that is… “Do your research and become the expert in your field”.)

Think of all the people who are trying and have tried so many times to stop smoking. Hypnosis can help people stop smoking without any cravings or withdrawals. Do you think $750 is a lot of money to people who already spend thousands every year on cigarettes? Definitely not for these people either, in fact they too would likely pay WAY more since the average person spends $3,640 per year on cigarettes.

What about athletes who want to improve their performance? Hypnosis can help athletes take their game to the next level. Do you think $750 is a lot of money to athletes wanting to beat their competition? Absolutely not, in fact they too would likely pay WAY, WAY more!

How about all the people who do not sleep well at night? Hypnosis can completely eliminate insomnia. Do you think $750 is a lot of money to people experiencing sleep deprivation? Not for most people, in fact they too would likely pay more!


Use the Hypnotherapist's Financial Calculator below to see how much money you can make as a hypnotherapist.